Vehicle fleet

[heading size=”2″ heading_class=”heading”]FREIGHTLINER FLEET[/heading]

Freightliner’s trucks are designed to deliver excellence. Not only Freightliners provide a reliable transportation service, these trucks offer you an opportunity to transport your load at the maximum level of safety. With the up to 50-degree wheel cut and optimized aerodynamics, these trucks can transport your load at any destination across the United States. These trucks are also equipped with enhanced roll stability control, just as lane guidance system and new safety truck system, which minimize chance for a cargo damaging. Traditional in appearance, packed with modern efficiencies, our Freightliner vehicle fleet combines comfort with the latest safety technologies.

[heading size=”2″ heading_class=”heading”]VOLVO FLEET[/heading]

Volvo trucks are made for fuel efficiency, driver productivity, safety and uptime. The VNL series of Volvo trucks helps us to save fuel and clients money with improved aerodynamics and powertrain savings. Also, these trucks increase client’s cargo with industry-leading protection, because Volvo’s most commitment to safety helps protect most valuable assets – our drivers and your cargo. Discover the power of truck transporting with a suite of services that lets us to keep wheels turning, and you to keep money in your pocket. VNL series are designed for great driveability, more cargo safety and less fuel sink, what brings us the transportation ascendancy. Comfort comes standard.