Freighliner SuperTruck: Five years of work

  • Freighliner SuperTruck: Five years of work

    Freighliner SuperTruck: Five years of work

    You well know the story of the Freightliner truck, all that about how Freightliner’s trucks are designed to deliver excellence, reliability of transportation services and safety. With that 50-degree wheel cut and optimized aerodynamics and the rest of the features. Well you should stop thinking about that now and open your mind to the New Era Truck.

    Frighliner SuperTruck.

    What they acheived in past five years ( indeed, with budget of over $ 115 million) is hard to imagine and with words describe. They have created the concept of Ultimate truck, with ultimate performance, bearing in mind also fuel savings.

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    The SuperTruck managed 12.2 MPG on a 312 mile road test in Texas with a 65,000 pound load, whic does not sound that great compared to a regular car, but it is actually 115% more efficient than competitive big rigs on the road at the present.

    Engineer have created a Hybrid motor, an 11-liter diesel engine is paired with an electric motor to create a massive setup, with most of the accessories running off a battery so they dont create parasitic drag to the engine. The transmission’s dialed in with a navigation system, which theoretically “plans shifts ahead of changes in terrain” to maximize coasting opportunities and minimize throttle input.

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    Solar panels on the trailer power the cargo box’s climate control system. SuperTruck’s fuel savings are estimated at 10,000 gallons of diesel a year, and even though the concept is not being produced yet, the Company will start to apply these innovations to their producing line straight away.


    Inside the Truck looks futuristic, with more than enough space for the pilot and co-pilot. Its interior is designed to well fit any man needs.


    For additional information on the SuperTruck itself, on the date of manufacture and the rest, please do refer on the link here.

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