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Wide Transport Inc.
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Wide Transportation Inc. was founded in 2013 by three brothers. Each of them has 10-15 years of experience in the industry. Their experience is also bolstered with passion and knowledge about trucking and transporting.

Wide Transport Inc. Mission
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Our company mission is to offer the highest quality services and that also applies for when we hire our quality drivers. Also, we put safety first and we are determined to provide all of our clients excellent quality transportation.

Wide Transport Inc. Vision
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Wide Transport Inc. is committed to ensuring every client needs for quality shipping, logistics and safe and timely transporting service. We strive to deliver on our promises with precision and maximum guarantee.



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Wide Transport Inc.
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Wide Transport Inc. is a family-owned business that was established in 2013 to provide reliable and safe transportation services throughout the Midwest. The company utilizes 30 well-maintained trucks operated by competent and responsible drivers. The requirements for Wide Transport Inc. drivers include at least two years of intermodal experience and a clean driving record. In turn, the company has a Grade A clean safety record. Wide Transport Inc. is skilled at providing superior transportation service to its clients and puts customer service as a top priority.

General manager: Nisvad Kaltak
Operational manager: Edin Greljo

Company president: Emir Greljo
Years in transportation business: 17
Mr. Greljo has been involved in trucking transportation for over fourteen years. His main priority is a customer service. He uses his extensive background and expertise in the trucking business to ensure excellent service for his clients. He is a great problem-solver and applies his extensive experiences to delegate tasks effectively and accomplish necessary activities.


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